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Sex Work

What is it?

Sex workers are adults who provide consensual sexual services or erotic performances in exchange for money or goods. The provider may work independently or for another, and the service may involve touch or not. Today, much like history, sex workers come from a variety of social classes, genders, ethnicities, and abilities.


Here are just some sex work modalities I provide peer support for: 

Sex Work and the Law

Different countries have different laws regarding sex work and anyone who works within the industry needs to take care to be safe. The main types of laws surrounding sex work include:

  • Legal – Can be heavily regulated. Example Melbourne Australia.
  • Decriminalised –  It is the most sex work affirmative approach. Ideally, it benefits the worker with protection and rights much like any other job. Example: New Zealand
  • Partly Criminalised – Criminalises the buyer such as the Nordic Model in Sweden and view sex workers as victims.
  • Criminalised – Decreases safety by increasing stigma and potential harm from clients and police.

Please note: This sWork support service is not a substitute for legal advice. There are some fantastic sex positive resources gathered from various support networks. To find out more in your state or country please explore here:


“All countries should work toward decriminalisation of sex work.”

Your adventure awaits

I provide a unique professional skill set to support your journey, however, only you have the power to ignite the life you desire – whether it is entering, embracing, or exiting the industry.

In this adventure know that:

  • You will never be seen as broken and only honoured as a whole human.
  • You will be acknowledged as the powerful being that you are.
  • You will be supported, held accountable, and celebrated along your journey.

Start your sWork support journey below:

I like to offer part of my services at a non-coaching rate to the sWork community as a give back. Space is limited to 10 sessions per week. First in first served.

  1. Book in your Zoom call below. You are welcome to keep the screen turned off and change your name.
  2. sWork support sessions are $100 USD per 45mins for active sWorkers. These sessions provide peer support and/or mentorship.
  3. You will receive an email response with further instruction to prepare for your call.

Book Zoom Call here:

Email me directly at alex@alexfoxx.com. Please state what it is you desire support with and we can set up a time. I generally respond within 48 hours. Non refundable, however you can rebook your session with at least 24 hours notice.

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