A Luxurious Sensual Week Retreat Awaits...

MAY 2023


Embrace your Naturalness...

As a woman, you deserve to live from your Core Essence,

so you can fully access and grow into your gifts –

and part of that includes understanding the role of your sensuality.

But figuring out alone how to be in your sensuality (confidently) seems as elusive as a picturesque horizon – a nice dream, but getting there feels just out of reach. 


What if for 6 days you transported yourself to a new horizon (in Portugal)?

What if you explore how to embrace your naturalness with support from nature?

And then… how would it feel to be comfortable with your natural sensuality using holistic principles?

Feel the warmth

Provocative, evocative, erotically charged dance, teaching and bodywork. Expert guidance into the void!
Alex has a natural sexual connection that is viscerally felt and shared. She is brave, imaginative and dances on the edge with her fire.
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