Six-week series dedicated to all thing
Sex, Sensuality, and the Erotic.

Remember your innate beauty, prowess, and magnetism through the Courtesan skills of:

Sensual Dance

Sensual Presence

Sensual Touch

Sensual Communication

Sensual Play

Somewhere deep in your bones, you remember her.
She is intrigue. She is allure. She is beauty in its truest form.

Her fire ignites hearts. Her grace yearns to penetrate life—fully. 

Her presence, sincere and charismatic, opens the door to more of everything.

She’s an alchemist of pleasure.

She lights up the room with her warmth and laughter, inspires great minds (her own and others), 

and can change the fate of an empire with a whisper.

She is the skilled Courtesan

The irrevocably free woman.

In a world where women were groomed for dependence, she was wholly autonomous. 

With every step, her individuality awakened the path of the true self.

But, how is that possible? 

Because she understands and embodies her erotic essence and respects the power it holds.

And, you can too.

Feel the warmth

"Alex invited us to play with the alchemy of light and dark shades of feminine seductive gifts. She held space with a grounded and inspiring presence, empowering women to dance out of self-love and ignite passionate energy in her witnesses.

I feel that Alex is masterful in her art of sensual dance!"
Minke de Vos
Author of Tao Tantric Arts for Women

The Six Week Series is for you when ...

  • You’re ready to delight in yourself.
  • You feel called to explore, play, and revel in your power.
  • You’re DONE living on everyone else’s terms but not sure where to turn next.
  • You’re willing to see yourself outside of the boxes society has put around you.
  • You desire hands on learning and have the private space to put it the practice.

Hi, I’m Alex Foxx,

Sensual Scientist,
Contemporary Courtesan,
and Sex Educator.

I’m fluent in sensuality and this group is the dedicated space to share wisdom and experience from over a lifetime of sensual exploration.

Each six week series is unique and explores sensuality based topics such as:

  • Sensual Dance
  • Sensual Touch
  • Sensual Communication
  • Sensual Presence
  • Sensual Play 

There will be experiential exercises, group sharing, tantalising “homework” assignments and rituals to explore each week.

Tell me more...

Well, each six weeks series involves meeting via Zoom with mini at home assignments between each week. Together we move into alignment with the undulating cycles of our unencumbered nature and:

  • Explore somatic skills using the Sacred Sensual Science methodology
  • Dance with the inner consciousness of our womb wisdom. 
  • Create with the power of our embodied intention.
  • Express through the crucible of witnessing.
  • Cultivate the energy of the Courtesan.

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