S Coaching

Personalised packages to gain confidence and express your brilliance. For individuals, couples, and groups.

S Coaching

Personalised packages to gain confidence and express your brilliance. For individuals, couples, and groups.

S Coaching

Personalised packages to gain confidence and express your brilliance. For individuals, couples, and groups.

Erotic intimacy is the revelation of our memories, wishes, fears, expectations, and struggles within a sexual relationship. When our innermost desires are revealed, and are met by our loved one with acceptance and validation, the shame dissolves. It is an experience of profound empowerment and self-affirmation for the heart, body, and soul. When we can be present for both love and sex, we transcend the battleground of Puritanism and hedonism.

Esther Perel

S Coaching

…. is a body-based adventure for you, the adult individual, couple, or group, so that you can gain erotic awareness, body confidence, and authentic expression using the Sacred Sensual Science (S) methodology.


Explore with the wisdom from shamanic sacred sexuality, tantra, and tao practices woven into each private session, class, and retreat. Enter into a space of ceremony each time we meet. Meditations and rituals are used to stabilise the psyche so you can journey deeper with presence.


All practices are anchored through the senses.

The senses ca be viewed as the portals between our inner (interoceptive) and outer (exteroceptive) worlds of awareness.

With curiosity and play, you can meet and explore the senses as the root of all sensual sophistication. 

Dance, touch, sound, and breath are the keys to liberating pleasure.


I am certified in the trauma informed modality of Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education with a degree in Psychological Sciences from Swinburne University. 

Tools such as the neuroscience of pleasure, anatomy and physiology, genital mapping, scar tissue remediation, orgasm/ejaculatory choice/edging training, along with the latest research on sexuality, sensuality, and eroticism are all at your fingertips.

The beauty of these unique sessions is 

that they are designed to meet you wherever you’re at 

and guide you gently and fiercely through the sacred crucible of self-reclamation 

at the heart of body wisdom. 

Is S Coaching with me right for you?


Firstly, are you over 18 years of age? and do you…

  • Learn better by physically doing an exercise rather than talking about it?
  • Want to learn epic sensual skills?
  • Want to own your boundaries: Your “Yes” and your “No”?
  • Want to ignite your inner Sex Witch/ Sex Goddess through sacred sexuality practices?
  • Want more spontaneity, connection, confidence, and/or pleasure in life?
  • Want to release unhealthy patterns that impact your sex life?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, coaching is a delicious approach to meet and remember your essence.

S Coaching will propel you to engage in deep healing and exploration as an empowered human being. Who knows:


  • A human who attends to their authenticity ignites beauty in self, life and others.
  • A human who fully inhabits their erotic naturalness is a powerful determiner in the universe.
  • A human who is connected to the sacred birthright of their own divine sensual expression is wildly—untouchably—free.
  • A human who embodies the gifts of their own eroticism serves the world from a limitless stream of pleasure and ease.

Feel the warmth

Alex held space with a grounded and inspiring presence, empowering women to dance out of self-love and ignite passionate energy in her witnesses. I feel that Alex is masterful in her art of sensual dance!

Minke de Vos
Author of Tao Tantric Arts for Women
Alex helps to be yourself. She helps you discover what is inside and natural. She offers a non-judgemental juicy space for exploration. Sexuality can be an intimidating and vulnerable space and Alex makes it safe and fun.

Your S adventure awaits

I provide a unique professional skill set to support your journey, however, only you have the power to ignite your wildly delicious life.

  • You will never be seen as broken and only honoured as a whole human.
  • You will be acknowledged as the powerful being that you are.
  • You will be supported, held accountable, and celebrated along your journey.
With pleasure,
Alex Foxx

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