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As part of exploring more of who you are as a sensual being…. it would be my pleasure to offer you a FREE 14 Day Challenge worth $49.

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With practice, you can say goodbye to the old body patterns and embrace your true natural expression.

Thats why the 14-Day Sensual Confidence Challenge was created to support your practice with fun daily exercises, tips, and hints so that you can embrace your core sensuality with pleasure! 

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Discover a new way to play with your Inner Yearnings and develop Sensual Confidence...

This 14-day Sensual Confidence Challenge will help you to rediscover yourself and learn exactly what turns you on – not just erotically, but for life! 

The structure of the program is split into two weeks. The first week is dedicated to weeding out beliefs, growing self-love, and nourishing body presence. The second week dives into playing with your somatic (whole living body) genius via hands-on-sensual-explorations using the Sacred Sensual Science methodology.

You deserve to feel confident...

Feeling at home with your sexuality and understanding your erotic nature can be challenging 

– especially when you haven’t explored that aspect of yourself before. 

For years, I didn’t have the erotic skill set to honour my core inner being 

– and probably why I constantly lost myself in relationships.

We are expected to be sexy, sensual, and erotic 

 – but only if it’s in the bedroom and only if it’s spontaneous. 

It’s like expecting an actor to spontaneously be the movie star in the final cut before ever reading the script, 

let alone practising their lines.

With that type of pressure to perform, no wonder people are left feeling shame or insecure in the bedroom

 – particularly when it does not match up with what we see in the movies.

The result is a person who shuts down erotically…

or pretends to be someone else to match the media ideal.

Embrace your Naturalness...

As a woman, you deserve to live from your Erotic Essence,

so you can fully access and grow into your gifts –

and part of that includes understanding the role of your sensuality.

You might also recognise that you scratch your head on how to make that happen.

What if you could shed that insecurity?

What if you could learn how to embrace your turn-on?

What if you could become comfortable with your natural sensuality?

About the 14-Day Sensual Confidence Challenge

It can take time and practice to feel at home with pleasure and confidence in your body.

That is why the Sensual Confidence Challenge was created as a fun

next step for women to develop their skill set.

The process is simple and straightforward.

You receive the downloadable 14-day course,

and each day, you explore a new way to sensually explore living from your most natural self.

My decade worth of experience as a somatic sexologist

will support you to safely explore and expand your erotic repertoire.

Together, we will play… to bring out your inner deliciousness so you can take the next step in exploring life with Sensual Confidence.

Here’s How The Program Works

The 14 Day Sensual Confidence Challenge is designed to be easy for you to follow. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Click below
  • Step 3: You explore your daily challenges for 14 days and experience transformation

Feel the warmth

Provocative, evocative, erotically charged dance, teaching and bodywork. Expert guidance into the void!
Alex has a natural sexual connection that is viscerally felt and shared. She is brave, imaginative and dances on the edge with her fire.

14-Day Sensual Confidence Challenge Below

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