Ignite Your Sensuality


Develop your sensual sophistication with annual access to the 5 video module online course Ignite Your Sensuality, along with weekly group coaching. Dive in with Alex Foxx, a leading somatic sexologist specialising in sensuality, so you can access your authentic sensual expression – naturally.

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Premium online video course guided by somatic sexologist Alex Foxx. Explore through five modules how to connect to AND express your innate sensuality – naturally! Then, utilise the weekly access you have to group coaching, Q&A’s, Full moon sensual dance circles and more!

Why Expose the Inner Erotic?

For most of modern history, the sacred science of our body wisdom is an untapped resource to much of our healing, growth, and connection.


That feeling. That inner calling. Calling you home.

That’s your body’s natural wisdom remembering itself and wanting to burst out of you in the freedom of expression.

The molten rivers of arousal pressurised deep inside you are yearning to flow free. To erupt and explode and spit and ooze all over the landscape of your life until all you recognise is your own naked, wild self.

Yes, it’s big and intense, but it’s also sweet, playful, and deliciously soft.

This course is designed to meet you wherever you’re at and guide you gently and fiercely through the sacred crucible of self reclamation at the heart of true sensuality.


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