14 Day Sensual Confidence Challenge


14 days of mini-practices to bring awareness to your sensual self. It includes a beautifully designed 54-page workbook guide for you to print out to support your journey.

This 14-day Sensual Confidence Challenge will help you to rediscover yourself and learn exactly what turns you on – not just erotically, but for life!

The structure of the program is split into two weeks. The first week is dedicated to weeding out beliefs, growing self-love, and nourishing body presence. The second week dives into playing with your somatic (whole living body) genius via hands-on-sensual-explorations using the Sacred Sensual Science methodology.

After payment is complete, you will receive an email with the download link. Please download the 14-Day Sensual Confidence Challenge and print it out for best user experience. Thank you.


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