Ignite Your Sensuality

For Erotically Curious adults
who are ready to say yes
to the power of their wild desire.

Ignite Your Sensuality

For Erotically Curious adults
who are ready to say yes
to the power of their wild desire.

Ignite Your Sensuality

For Erotically Curious adults
who are ready to say yes
to the power of their wild desire.

You know who you are. You desire more.

Your senses sense it.

Maybe it’s …

A gentle pull in the back of your womb space
Or a glimmering tingle across your naked skin
A throb in your swinging hips
Or more saliva wetting your mouth…


Wherever it lives in you, some part of you always knows it’s there.

Sometimes, it’s easy to ignore.


You manage it.
Because you take care of shit.
You take care of everyone.
You’re productive and hardworking.
You’re thorough and caring.
You make just enough time for yourself to call it ‘self-care.’


But sometimes, every so often, that heat catches up to you… and consumes you.

Maybe just for a second.


A flash of arousal so hot it almost knocks you down.
A vague desire so vast its disorienting.
And intoxicating.
And delicious.
And ever so “come-hithering”.


Maybe you feel the flicker of this everyday, or maybe you can’t remember the last time you allowed yourself to have it

even for a heartbeat.


But make no mistake; it’s within you.


And allowing yourself to get curious about these sensations is the first step to living a deliciously sensuous and turned on life.


Accessing the searing flow of your natural life force can be edgy – working with it more so.

We exist in a paradigm that is still learning how to celebrate

 the innate differences between the sexes and what it means to be sexually empowered.

Why Expose the Inner Erotic?

For most of modern history, the sacred science of our body wisdom is an untapped resource to much of our healing, growth, and connection.

That feeling. That inner calling. Calling you home.

That’s your body’s natural wisdom remembering itself and wanting to burst out of you in the freedom of expression.

The molten rivers of arousal pressurised deep inside you are yearning to flow free. To erupt and explode and spit and ooze all over the landscape of your life until all you recognise is your own naked, wild self.  

Yes, it’s big and intense, but it’s also sweet, playful, and deliciously soft.

This course is designed to meet you wherever you’re at and guide you gently and fiercely through the sacred crucible of self reclamation at the heart of true sensuality.

Hi, I’m Alex Foxx,

Sensual Scientist, Somatic Sex Educator, and Pleasure Enthusiast. 

I created this course to help erotically curious adults like you access their own deep sensual expression so you can live freely, fully, and deliciously turned on (and tuned in) every day.

I’ve also worked as a Sexological Bodyworker, exotic dancer, and muse.

In other words, I’m fluent in Sensuality.

What exactly is sensuality? Excellent question. I define sensuality as the art of erotic presence through the senses.

And that is precisely what you can cultivate in the Ignite Your Sensuality course.

Ignite Your Sensuality: What’s Included?

Here’s the juice:

Five video modules of intimate, hands-on teaching to guide you through the foundations of Sacred Sensual Science. Please note this course is taught with she/her pronouns, aimed at women/ people with vulva’s and is a guide for feminine practices/movements. 

This module will introduce you to the simple and profound practice of sensual awareness so you can start developing an embodied vocabulary with your body’s sensations. We’ll explore each of the senses—touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound—and use them to engage and awaken your Erotic Body.
  • Deeper awareness and presence with each individual sensory experience.
  • Identify your dominant sense and your primary supporting senses.
  • Begin to explore how simply opening to the experience of these senses awakens your body and spirit’s natural aliveness—the foundation of your Erotic Embodiment.
Now that we’ve discovered your dominant and supportive sensory tools, we turn to the realm of the Uncommon Senses. Here, you’ll learn about connecting to your internal body awareness—called Interoception, as well as Proprioception—your awareness of your external body in space and how each of these contributes to your Erotic Embodiment.
  • Experiential guidance through both Interoceptive and Proprioceptive awareness.
  • Embodiment practices to cultivate the Uncommon Senses in everyday life.
  • Guidance in connecting your internal sense awareness to an external expression in your body, further deepening your Erotic Embodiment practice. 
Having explored our senses and learned about how our bodies move through space, it’s time to talk PLEASURE—which remember, is why we’re here, darling. We’ll spend this module getting curious about what feels good to your body and exploring self pleasure (masterbation). You’ll learn about how your own Wheel of Pleasure rolls, and how to use breath, sound, movement, and touch to invite more and more pleasure into your system.
  • Learn to assess your own levels of pleasure using the Wheel of Pleasure as a tool.
  • Practice breathwork and sound making as nature’s best vibrators!
  • Explore two primary movements associated with pleasure and add them to your Erotic Embodiment toolkit.

Explore how each element water, earth, fire, air, and void is a guide to accessing your most natural sensual expression.


  • Connection to the elements
  • Release getting stuck wondering “what to do” or “how to be” more sensual

We now explore the art of:

  • Yearning
  • Acceptance
  • Self Love
  • Surrender into the creative
  • Magnetism

and how these tie into your erotic embodiment experience.



  • Identify and feel in your body which step of the Sensualist cycle you are on.
  • Know how to embrace that step so you can create your dreams through sensuality and pleasure.
Finally, we’ll come to understand how the art and beauty of true Erotic Embodiment lies in letting go. Sensuality is wild. There’s no way around it. And now, we’re ready to go through it—in body, mind, and spirit. Surrender is one of the most potent sensual tools and it’s the gateway into our wildness. And touching our wildness is what brings us to our ecstatic freedom.
  • Explore the edges of your wildness.
  • Reveal and be seen.
  • Express, show,  and convey your sensual exhibitionist.
  • Watch, purrrv, view and voyeur your sensual essence in action. Yum!
  • Give yourself full permission to move through this world with your own unique expression of Erotic Embodiment.

Mini Taster of what is inside...

Alex helps to be yourself. She helps you discover what is inside and natural. She offers a non-judgemental juicy space for exploration.
She has a gift to awaken women to their sensuality and empower them to own their bodies and have the courage to awaken the erotic and sensual nature in every woman.

How does this intensive work?

This course is designed for you to work at your own pace.

Some people take a weekend away and dive into it fully; others like to bask in each separate module and do them one week at a time.

You simply login to your membership area to access your material.

It’s up to you!

Click the link below for year long access (woohoo) to the course...

When you say YES to that glimmer of longing at the back of your life, you step into a new world— one in which you can access the full spectrum of your delicious sensuality and allow its gifts to imbue your life with pleasure and power.

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