Alex Foxx

Somatic Sexologist Specialising in Sensuality.

About Alex Foxx

Somatic Sexologist Specialising in Sensuality.

About Alex Foxx

Somatic Sexologist Specialising in Sensuality.

Since 2006, I have wandered the world seeking answers to questions about sexuality...

that no single course, university, or spiritual approach 

could answer. 

I yearned for a comprehensive education to help me successfully navigate sex, pleasure, and relationships.

Up until then, my sex education came from a shame faced teacher at school and self experimentation

Since then LOT’S has change!

I have seen science now focus on pleasure (and not only disease). 

Unethical Tantra teachers held accountable

and sex industry folk start to share their wisdom on global TedX stages.

It is my pleasure to contribute to this sex-positive change

and a privilege to have supported so many clients and

students from around the world to grow. 

Hi, I’m Alex Foxx,

Leading Somatic Sexologist specialising in Sensuality

I trained as a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker, earned a degree in Psychology from Swinburne University, exotic danced professionally, and worked teaching sacred sexuality for the past 10 years.

You could say I am Fluent in Sensuality

It’s true. My life’s work is at the intersection of:

The Somatic and the Erotic

The Carnal and the Sacred

The Scientific world and the Spiritual world

So, while the subjectivity of Erotic Essence invites the mystery of spiritual exploration, I am also dedicated to science and data.

I weave and contrast evidence-based findings with the magickal realms because I believe we learn best at these critical intersections of wisdom…

 This means that my work embodies a unique landscape of lived experience, deep study, and playful integration.

Science Based

My inner Sex Geek supports you with evidence based knowledge and findings so you can explore grounded ways to show up tuned in and turned on for your life.  

Lived Experience

My work has been a 10 year immersion in understanding the power of erotic energy and how to honour, cultivate, and direct it within consensual and co-empowering dynamics.


My work as a Somatic Educator means that I’m able to meet you wherever you’re at and share practical tools that will enrich and deepen your life right away. 

What does this mean to you?

It means I’m fiercely dedicated to supporting adults like you in stepping into the freedom and connectivity of your sensual self.

When you give yourself permission to break free from all the external constraints, rules, and restrictions meant to keep you pleasant and proper—you access the gateway to your deepest power and wildest pleasure.

Feel the warmth...

"Alex invited us to play with the alchemy of light and dark shades of feminine seductive gifts. She held space with a grounded and inspiring presence, empowering women to dance out of self-love and ignite passionate energy in her witnesses.

I feel that Alex is masterful in her art of sensual dance!
Minke de Vos
Author of Tao Tantric Arts for Women
I absolutely loved taking this journey with Alex. I felt like she seductively showed me how to move through the world with my senses, feeling the music and rhythm of each moment and the world around me. I had some beautiful breakthroughs with myself, finding an inner confidence that I have not been able to connect to so easily in the past couple of years!
Thank you Alex, for helping me connect to the goodness and deliciousness of this wonderful world that is all around me!

Join me in simply saying YES to that molten wisdom alive inside you.

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