Ignite Your Life with Sensuality Training

so you can gain body confidence and liberate bliss.

Ignite Your Life with Sensuality Training

so you can gain body confidence and liberate bliss.

Ignite Your Life with Sensuality Training

so you can gain body confidence and liberate bliss.

I see you, Wise one

And I invite you to …

Hear the undulation of your yearning.

Feel the prickle of your spirit’s curiosity.

Smell the ocean of your body’s wisdom.


Savour how deeply pleasure lives in you.




That flutter in your belly you’ve been conditioned to ignore is the secret to everything you’ve ever wanted.

When you’re ready to step into your delicious curiosity and instead of shrinking away —turn towards that flutter, you’ll have the power to wildly ignite your entire life.

You don’t need to know how to get there or what to do. 

Right now, all you need to do is make that tiny inward pivot towards your YES. 

I’ll meet you there and be right by your side — every step of the way.


Hi, I’m Alex Foxx,

Leading Somatic Sexologist specialising in Sensuality.

I help Erotically Curious adults like you access their own deep sensual expression so you can live freely, fully, and deliciously turned on with life – every day.

Erotic Essence

Add the essential and delicious soul-force energy alive within each of us, connecting us deeply to ourselves and one another.

Finally saying yes to your innate Erotic Essence is exquisitely profound work.

Yes— dare to access the intense potential of your natural life force. Your courage and heart to explore beyond what is known, rewards passionately. Because a woman who attends her erotic essence discovers how to flame beauty in self, life and others.

I see your curiosity. You’re ready to step out of the old story and into a delicious new one. The story of your aliveness, your power, and your pleasure.

Take my hand, I’ll show you how.

Only you have the power to ignite your wildly delicious life.

You don’t need to know what to do or how to do it; you just need to be willing.

Willing to show up.

Willing to do it differently.

Willing to be curious.

Sure, it can be daring…

but on the other side of that edge is an ocean of freedom, pleasure, and power.
Come hither, sensuous one, let’s play.

Feel the warmth

Provocative, evocative, erotically charged dance, teaching and bodywork. Expert guidance into the void!
Alex has a natural sexual connection that is viscerally felt and shared. She is brave, imaginative and dances on the edge with her fire.

Ways to work with Alex
to Awaken your Erotic Essence:

Online Course

IYS Cover

Ignite Your Sensuality

This course contains everything you need to cultivate sensuality – naturally.

S Coaching

sWorker Sessions

Liberate Your Bliss

Explore your body genius with the Sacred Sensual Science method.

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork 120mins

Somatic Sex Education

For adult singles and couples. All genders welcome.

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Unveil Your

Explore a part of yourself you are yearning to discover. It’s called “Unveil Your Sensual Essence” - it’s fun, and it's a taste of the delicious content and courses available. Write in your details below and you'll receive the guide via email.